Thank you for having us!

OutdoorHongKong had organised over hundred outdoor activities in past years. We are strive for excellence and keep making improvement.

Besides, as a customer oriented tour operator, we always consider from client ’s point of view. To learn from others, we participated third parties' tours which let us to know more about our valuable guests' needs and concern.

"The tour is amazing!!!!!!! The guide is so friendly and approachable! My family and I enjoyed our Hong Kong trip because him."

"Kowloon is a very friendly guide who has an adventurous spirit. He is so knowledgeable about hiking, with both Hong Kong and Asian culture. I recommended him as the guide in Hong Kong."

"Kowloon is very friendly, helpful and easy to be around. He told me everything I wanted to know about Hong Kong and the culture. We had hiked, walked around the city, and overall it was a really pleasant tour. Thumbs up!"

"Kowloon was such great company! My brother and I had a fantastic time hiking the Dragon's Back with him. Kowloon is very knowledgeable when it comes to HK's hiking trails, so definitely get in touch with him if you want to experience the area's great outdoors. We felt privileged that Kowloon took a day of annual leave from his full time job in order to hike with us. Thank you Kowloon, and if you ever come to London, let me know!"

"We had so much fun together.. we are hiking in Sai Kung......seeing the beautiful beaches. i really had so much fun in the tour.. believe me his the best one!!"

"Kowloon was an exceptional host.  He provided me with great insights about the local way of life. I was suggested to explore Hong Kong unseen places, thanks to him."

"A Great day trip to get away from the hustle of downtown Hong Kong. Thank you so much OutdoorHongKong!"

"The view from the peak of Kowloon Peak put things into perspective.....This was the first time I saw the high rise buildings from the other side of Hong Kong!"

What an unique experience!  Kowloon is considerate, nice and friendly. He knows perfectly all spots and outdoor activities in Hong Kong.

у нас особенная ночь с тобой. Большое вам спасибо за совет о путешествии в Гонконг.

Thank you again for a fantastic day yesterday. We enjoyed it very much!

Kowloon is a very nice guy - we actually met twice in HK. He knows the city very well and I enjoyed my time with him discovering the crazy city of HK. Kowloon knows how to give a great tour and I highly recommend him.