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Cancellation Policy

No refunds are available once a tour or service has commenced. Canceling a booking with OutdoorHongKong can result in cancellation fees being applied by OutdoorHongKong, as outlined below.

If you cancel or leave a day hike for any reason:

*More than 60 days prior to the trip start date, we will grant you a full refund less a HKD$50 per person administrative fee.

*Between 59 and 30 days prior to the trip start date, we will retain 25 percent of the trip cost.

*Between 29 and 15 days prior to the trip start date, we will retain 75 percent of the trip cost.

*Less than 15 days prior to the trip start date, or once the trip has begun, there will be no refund.

The value of the transaction may be subject to taxes, duties, foreign transaction, currency exchange or other fees. Your bank or credit or debit card company may convert the payment into the local currency and charge fees.

Transfer Policy

If you transfer from one trip to another: 30 or more days prior to the trip start date, there will be a HKD$100 processing fee. Less than 30 days prior to the trip start date, regular cancellation and refund policies will apply.

General Terms and Conditions

1. The fee per person must be paid in advance of any tour. Only 'additional fees' may be paid on the day of any given tour for extra arrangements in cash. Our standard cancellation policy applies to all booking fees.

2. The tour commences at, our meeting you at the initial transport point and ends, on the return to that point (subject to some other arrangement being made).

3.  If through no fault of OutdoorHongKong an individual, for any reason ends or causes others to end the tour prematurely the fee remains payable.

4. While we will take every care to ensure that the trails or routes chosen by OutdoorHongKong are safe , the tour is entirely at the risk of the those who take part. 

5. It is in the nature of the tour that a reasonable standard of fitness is required. Closed footwear is required (preferably with ankle support). Also appropriate headgear, eye and skin protection.

6. Neither I nor any employee or agent of mine is liable for any accident or injury or other loss , howsoever caused.

In particular:

(i) From falling or stumbling on any loose rocks or stones.

(ii) From departing from the route.

(iii) From hiking or climbing.

(iv) From travel on any transport to and from the area of the tour.

7. By agreeing to these terms and conditions when submitting a booking form, you have made a formal declaration that the details which you have submitted are true and final. Thus, unless stated or communicated otherwise by the operator (OutdoorHongKong), the booking details submitted are confirmed and final.

8. OutdoorHongKong reserves the right to refuse a refund for any 'OutdoorHongKong Store' purchases.

Medical Releases

We require medical releases for prospective guests over 69 years of age and for various circumstances such as history of cardiovascular disease, chronic illness, and other conditions and factors.


Travel Insurance

For your protection, we strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance. Travel insurance provides you with trip cancellation/interruption, travel delay, medical expenses, emergency assistance, air flight, baggage and baggage delay coverages to protect your financial investment. Medical coverage purchased with your policy will also satisfy our requirement for health insurance.


OutdoorHongKong is an amateur hiking group that welcomes all hikers. By joining the hikes, all participants are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer, and agreed to exonerate the hike leaders, the organizers and any other participants in th walks from any liabilities, claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injoures or deaths or damages arising thereof. Hikers joining hikes are at their own choosing and at their own risk.

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