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Why do we need to greet each other when hiking?

Why do we need to greet each other when hiking?
Why do we need to greet each other when hiking?

If you have traveled in the mountains, you may have experienced that when tourists pass by on the mountains, you will say "hello".

There is no such custom of greeting in the city, so why not do it?

1. Being polite as a person

First of all, the greetings on the mountain are "human courtesy."

In the city, there are many people, so you don't always say hello to strangers, but in the mountains, there are not many people, and it would be too rude to not say hello even if you pass by.

It feels so good if we can smile and say "Hello!"

If you say hello, you will have a better chance of becoming mountain friends and going hiking together later.

2. This will serve as a witness message in case of emergency

You never know what will happen in the mountains. In the event of an accident, eyewitness testimony is extremely important information.

If you say hello, the person will probably remember you.

For example, eyewitness messages such as "I saw that person on XX Ridge" make it easier for the rescue team to determine the location of the disaster and provide early rescue.

In this way, the purpose of greeting others is to make them remember your presence and prepare them for emergencies.

3. Obtain information on the mountain

When greeting people passing by, ask, "Are there any dangerous places on the mountain road ahead?"

When two parties pass each other, it means that the other party has already walked the road ahead.

It is a valuable source of information because it keeps you up to date on changing mountain trail conditions.

I think most people would answer: "There is no particularly dangerous place."

In rare cases, you may receive a message such as "The mountain road ahead is collapsing, please be careful."

In this way, saying hello in the mountains is not only good etiquette, but also serves as an opportunity to exchange messages.

Why do we say hello to each other when hiking?

Not only is this a courtesy, it's also a place to exchange mountain information in an emergency.

If you go to the mountains, please say hello!


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