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Girls’ Guide to Outdoor Personal Care: Menstruation, Bathing, Body Care, Makeup Etiquette

Girls’ Guide to Outdoor Personal Care: Menstruation, Bathing, Body Care, Makeup Etiquette
Girls’ Guide to Outdoor Personal Care: Menstruation, Bathing, Body Care, Makeup Etiquette

What should I do if I get my period outdoors?

Women may experience menstrual cramps while engaging in outdoor activities. This can be disturbing and upsetting, but there are several ways to deal with this situation.

Use sanitary napkins: Carry enough sanitary napkins or sanitary napkins and change them as needed. If possible, choose products that are absorbent and comfortable. Dispose of used sanitary napkins properly, using sealed bags or special sanitary napkin bags.

When hiking during your period, be sure to wear tampons and absorbent shorts.

Climbing involves a lot of lower body movements, such as climbing up, down, squatting, etc. Ordinary napkins are prone to slipping, and there is a risk of inflammation due to abrasions.

Especially in mountainous areas, there are few toilets and it is impossible to change sanitary napkins frequently, so we recommend using tampons that can be worn for a long time to prevent menstrual blood from leaking as much as possible. Also, by switching out your underwear for absorbent shorts that you can wear during your period, you can stay comfortable for longer periods of time without having to worry about slipping or chafing while climbing.

Pay attention to personal hygiene: Pay special attention to personal hygiene during menstruation. Keep your private parts clean at all times, use a mild cleanser and rinse thoroughly with water.

Carry a first aid kit: A first aid kit should be carried with you during outdoor activities. This allows for possible unexpected situations, such as sudden heavy menstrual bleeding or other menstrual-related issues.

How to take a shower and wash your hair outdoors?

During outdoor activities, sometimes it may not be possible to enjoy the same comfortable bathing experience as at home. But here are some ways to shower and wash your hair outdoors:

Use wet wipes to clean your body: If you don’t have a water source, you can use wet wipes or wet wipes to clean your body. Gently wipe skin, especially areas prone to sweating, to keep it clean and comfortable.

Choose a dry cleaning product: Another option is to use a dry cleaning product, such as dry cleaning spray or dry scalp powder. These products can help absorb oils from your scalp and hair, leaving your hair looking cleaner.

How to remove makeup/maintenance outdoors?

After outdoor activities, makeup removal and maintenance are still important. Here are some suggestions:

Use makeup remover wipes: Carry some makeup remover wipes so you can quickly and easily remove makeup from your face. Choose products that are free of alcohol and harsh ingredients and gently wipe your face until clean.

Use a cleansing oil or gel: If you have a source of water, you can use a cleansing oil or gel. Apply the product evenly to the face, massage gently and rinse with water to keep the skin clean and moisturized.

Use moisturizing products: In outdoor environments, skin is susceptible to dryness and sunburn. Use moisturizing products, such as creams or moisturizing sprays, to keep your skin hydrated and elastic.

Avoid too much makeup: For outdoor events, makeup can be simple and natural. Reduce the use of makeup and allow your skin to breathe and rest.

How to apply makeup easily outdoors?

Simple makeup can be applied when going outdoors for certain occasions or activities. Here are some ways:

Choose a light base makeup: When outdoors, choose a light base makeup product, such as a light foundation or BB cream. This allows the skin to breathe and provides a natural finish.

Eye makeup: Use light-colored eye shadow and eyeliner to lightly highlight your eyes. Avoid using too much eyeshadow, which can melt easily in hot weather.

Mascara: Use mascara to increase the curl and length of your eyelashes, making your eyes look brighter.

Lip gloss: Choose a natural-toned lip gloss or lipstick to add shine to your lips.

Finally, please remember to do all of the above to keep the mountains and wilderness clean, respect the environment and other people, and make sure to keep it clean and hygienic.

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