Sai Kung Geopark Trail

You will start from Pak Tam Chung, is the place most people begin their hikes, and its also the start of the Maclehose Trail.


From Pak Tam Chung, head east along the Maclehose Trail, finally you will arrive Sai Kung East dam with spectacular

hexagonal volcanic columns. Moreover, with a few minutes walk from east dam, you may enjoy a one of the best beaches in Hong Kong - "Long Ke Wan" which is a horseshoe-shape bay with a wide, white, sandy beach.


Area: Sai Kung District

Starting point: Pak Tam Chung Station

End point: Sai Kung East Dam

Average hiking time: About 4 hours

Distance: Approx. 8 km

Sai Kung Geopark Trail

Sai Kung Geopark Trail