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Improved Visibility: Maximum brightness of 2500 lumens and Beam Distance of 146 Meters.
Long Battery Life & Fast Charging: The X2 is powered by 2000mAh batteries, providing up to 80 hours on Low mode and can be fully charged in 3 hours.
Ultra-Compact and Lightweight: The X2 is a must-have edc flashlight, just weighing 4.06 oz, fitting in your palm effortlessly.
Innovative 3-in-1 Button: The button serves as a switch, offers stress relief, and provides water and dust protection for the type-C USB charging port.
Versatile Modes: The X2 offers 4 lighting modes (Low, Med, High, Turbo) and 2 flashing modes (Strobe, SOS) for various scenarios.
30-day Return & 5-year Warranty: We offer a hassle-free return process and a 5-year warranty on all our high-quality Wuben Easy Carry Lights.


Aluminum Black  $575
Aluminum White   $695
Aluminum Gradient Ramp   $695
Copper - Brass  $928
Titanium - Dark Grey  $1455
Titanium - Blue Geometric   $1808
Titanium - Green Circuit  $1808
Titanium - Ink Splash  $1808

Wuben X2 EDC Camping - 2500 Lumens Carry Light

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