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SMO 4K 攝影機--專為 FPV 無人機設計的高角度超輕量動作攝影機! SMO 4K 攝影機由 BETAFPV 採用 Insta360 技術開發而成,僅重 30 克,非常適合 FPV 無人機。 它能讓飛行員飛得更快、更久、做更多動作,為飛行員帶來非凡的飛行體驗和強烈的視覺衝擊。 同時,透過4K 超廣角拍攝和FlowState 防手震功能,飛行員可以拍攝到細節更豐富的4K 廣角視頻,獲得超流暢、超穩定的視頻,這使得SMO 4K 攝影機成為追求高品質視頻的FPV 無人機飛行員 的最佳選擇!

為了更好地欣賞 SMO 4K 攝影機,我們強烈建議您將其用於新型推桿 Whoop 無人機 - Beta95X V3 Whoop 四旋翼飛行器和 Beta95X V3 高清數位 VTX。


Meet the SMO 4K Camera - A high-degree ultralight action camera designed for your FPV Drones! Developed by BETAFPV using Insta360 technology, SMO 4K camera only weighs 30g and is perfectly fit for FPV drones. It allows pilots to fly faster, longer, and do more maneuvers, bringing pilots an extraordinary flying experience and a strong visual impact. Meanwhile, with 4K ultra-wide-angle shots and FlowState stabilization function, pilots can shoot 4K wide-angle video with greater details, and get an ultra-smooth and stable video, which makes the SMO 4K camera be the best choice for pilots in search of high-quality video with FPV drones!

To better enjoy the SMO 4K camera, we highly recommend using it on the new pusher whoop drone - Beta95X V3 Whoop Quadcopter and Beta95X V3 HD Digital VTX. 


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