Name Diving Equipment Bag
Model BG-989
Material 500D Cut-proof material
Material thickness 0.52mm
Color Black/Yellow
Waterproof IPX6
Capacity 30L
Weight 1.36KG

Tiling: 48x32x14CM

Usable space: 68x32x14CM

Outer bag space: 33x25x8CM 


1) the 30L large capacity can almost accommodate the whole set of equipment, such as travel back flying, wet clothes, diving shoes, gloves, regulators, long flippers, etc. (flippers will reveal part).

2) 500D Cut-proof material scraping material, better physical properties than PVC mesh cloth, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to cold. We make different materials for the same bag.

3) excellent waterproof performance can effectively protect the safety of electronic equipment in the package. (do not completely immerse the bag in water if it contains valuables)

4) reflective strip outside bag, safer for night walking; Outside pocket drain hole, can discharge excess water.

5) the zipper mouth of the front bag adopts rainproof strip, which is waterproof and more comfortable.

6) breathable back cushion, soft, comfortable and quick to sweat.

7) the fastener is moved across the chest to facilitate the quick adjustment of the button position.

8) there are multiple auxiliary plug-in points on the side of the bag to facilitate the plug-in.

9) the other side of the bag can be released with cups and bags, which can be stored when not in use and released when in use.

10) dry and wet separation of inner bag and outer bag.

11) 4 bags in 1 bag for convenient storage of small items.

Package Included:
1xDiving Equipment Bag

KEEP DIVING BG-989 30L IPX6 Waterproof Folding Diving Bag Dry Pack