● non-contact sensor switch installed that can ON / OFF without touching the hand. It shines bright at hand, a foot in hands-free. HI, LOW, the lighting mode SOSFLASH You can choose.

● stepless dimming mounted

● 90 ° angle adjustable

■ Use battery: AAA alkaline batteries X3 (not included)

■ Continuous lighting time: HI: about 11 hours / LOW: about 30 hours SOS flashing: about 16 hours ( depends on the performance of the battery) sensor mode: about 2 hours

■ light source: LED1 lights mounted

■ sensor operating range: about 70mm within

■ brightness: HI: 100lm (illumination about 1200lx) LOW: 25lm (illumination about 250lx) (battery the initial time) ※ lumens and the illuminance value is not necessarily proportional.

■ Dimensions (approx.): Width 59.5X height 42.85X Depth 39.24 (mm) (maximum)

■ Weight: about 37 g



ELPA LED headlights 100lm DOP-HD303S