ELPA LED大燈 50流明DOP-HD053 ,適合戶外和應急用。 可以調整角度90度。


● hand in hands-free, brightly illuminated the feet. Ideal for outdoor and emergency light. Since the head portion is 90 ° movable, allowing hand irradiation. 

● 90 ° angle adjustable 

■ Use battery: AAA alkaline batteries X3 (not included) 

■ Continuous lighting time: HI: about 17 hours LOW: about 60 hours (depending on the performance of the battery) 

■ source: LED1 lights with 

■ brightness: HI: 50lm (illumination about 440lx) LOW: 15lm (illumination about 120lx) (when the initial battery) ※ lumens value and the illuminance value is not necessarily proportional. 

■ Dimensions (approx.): Width 59.5X height 42.87X Depth 39.24 (mm) (maximum) 

■ Weight: about 37 g (headband, excluding batteries) 

■ Accessories: Headband 

■ waterproof: IPX4 



ELPA LED headlight 50lmDOP-HD053