Product introduction:


60L river tracing bag is made of 840D TPUwaterproof material, high frequency voltage technology and waterproof rubberzipper to maximize the waterproof performance of the bag, so that the product cancope with any environment, such as river exploration, cross-country riding, andwater sports without worrying about water intrusion into the bag.


The shoulder belt of thickened sponge ismore comfortable and easy to carry for the bag body, and the special customizedshoulder belt buckle ensures the strength and is easy to disassemble.


The zipper head of the compression zipperconforms to the mechanical design to make the use more labor-saving.


The 60L large capacity can meet the needsof more than two people for long-distance travel. The large opening designmakes it more convenient to take things.


Product features:

  • High frequency voltage technology

  • 840D tup waterproof material

  • 60L capacity


Product selling points:

  • 60L capacity

  • 840D TPU water like mesh

  • Tear resistance

  • Multicolor optional


Model: FW2069M
Material: 840D TPU;air-tight zipper
Size: 42x25x60 cm
Capacity: 60L
Weight: 1600G
Features: high frequency voltage technology, 500D PVC waterproof material, large capacity
Color: Blue 

AFISHTOUR FW2069M 60L Trekking Waterproof Bag