Product introduction:


Ft2083 sports water bag can make youreplenish water anytime and anywhere while enjoying sports. Don't worry aboutthe lack of water.

All the accessories of sports water bag aremade of food safety TPU waterproof material and double-layer mesh voltagefusion line technology. The water system (dust cover, bite, water switch, waterpipe, connection interface) is designed with dust-proof and leakproof design,so that the product can effectively isolate the possible water pollution fromthe outside.


Sports water bag is suitable for cycling,hiking, water activities (such as scraping boats) and other sports.

In the process of sports, the body needs tobe hydrated. You can do it at will.


Excellent product design, such as largecaliber cover, S-shaped open cover parts. A handle ring that conforms to theline of the hand.

It is easy to operate.


The large-diameter cover design makes thewater filling faster and the product cleaning more convenient. The inside ofthe cover opening is provided with a silicone waterproof ring, which can ensurethat the water will not leak out at the cover opening.


S-type cover opening parts make coveropening operation more labor-saving and convenient.

The handle ring conforms to the ergonomicdesign and reduces the fatigue of the hand when watering.



Product features:

  • Food safety TPU waterproof material

  • Double grid voltage fuse

  • Automatic locking connection device


Product selling points:

  • 3L large capacity

  • Tear resistance

  • TPU environmental protection waterproofmaterial


Model: FT2083
Material: TPU food grade waterproof material
Size: 2L: 42x21 cm 3L: 45x21.5 cm
Capacity: 2L-3L
Weight: 220G ~ 280G
Features: double mesh voltage fuse, TPU food grade waterproof material
Color: Blue Black

AFISHTOUR FT2083 Sports Water bladder