Product introduction:


The large capacity of 20L cylinder waterstorage bag can be used for outdoor bathing, camping water storage and otherpurposes. In case of emergency in the water, due to its excellent sealingperformance, the water bag can serve as a floating object to provide buoyancyto resolve dangerous situations.


Cylinder water storage bag is suitable forself driving travel, camping barbecue, beach play, motorcycle riding.


TPU food safety grade waterproof materialand high-frequency voltage technology are used to make the cladding haveexcellent sealing and waterproof performance. The material meeting the foodsafety grade will not pollute the water source and keep the water source clean.


The bag provides two kinds of shoulderforms: single shoulder side hanging and double shoulder carrying. It canalternately use the two kinds of shoulder forms to reduce the sense of weightbearing.




Product characteristics:

  • High frequency voltage technology;

  • TPU food grade environmental protectionwaterproof material;

  • 35L large capacity



Product selling point:

  • Tear resistant

  • high frequency voltage technology

  • 35L capacity 

  • 500D PVC waterproof material


Model: FT2081
Material: TPU food grade environmental protection waterproof material
Size: 26x18x62 cm
Capacity: 20L
Weight: 600g
Features: high frequency voltage technology, TPU food grade environmental protection waterproof material
Color: Black

AFISHTOUR FT2081 Camp Shower Bag