Product introduction:

The super large 35L capacity of fm2023 waterproof backpack can meet the requirements of more than one person'slong-distance riding trip. The S-shaped shoulder belt conforms to the bodycurve to better reduce the body's sense of weight-bearing. With the back airdiversion system, the heat generated when carrying can be better emitted andthe comfort of carrying can be increased.

The 500D PVC waterproof cloth is made of high-frequency voltage technology and rubber zipper, so that there is no gapbetween the bag and the mouth of each bag, so as to maximize the waterproofability. The waterproof and wear-resistant characteristics make the bagsuitable for any harsh environment, such as desert, grassland, mountain forest etc. High strength tear resistant material is used at the stress position ofthe cladding to make the cladding more durable.


Product characteristics:

  • High frequency voltage technology 

  • 500D PVCwaterproof material 

  • 35L large capacity


Product selling point:

  • 35L capacity 

  • 500D PVC waterproof material

  • Tear resistant 

  • high frequency voltagetechnology


Gender: Unisex
Material:  500D PVC
Usage: Water sport, Hiking
Style: Simplicity
Season: All
Suit for: Traveling, Water sport, Hiking

AFISHTOUR FM2023 35L Waterproof Backpack Dry Pack