Product introduction:


Fb2039 bicycle pack provides twocapacities, which can be selected by customers according to their own needs.The bag installation is simple and fast, suitable for most bicycle bodies onthe market. After the pack pack is installed, the riding will not be affected,and it is still easy and free. The waterproof and wear-resistant materials arebetter adapted to various environments, such as woods, deserts, grasslands,etc.

Large capacity can carry personalbelongings for 2 to 4 days, put luggage in the car, free the body and enjoy thepleasure of travel.


The material of the fastener for the backof the bag and the bicycle is: reinforced PA66 + glass fiber. After stricttest, the temperature can be used normally in the range of 70 ° - 30 °.

The high frequency voltage technology makesthe whole cladding seamless, and the combination of 500D PVC net clamping clothcan maximize its waterproof performance.



Product features:

  • High frequency voltage technology

  • 500D PVC waterproof material

  • High-capacity


Product selling points:

  • 25L capacity

  • 500D PVC waterproof material

  • Tear resistance

  • Multicolor optional


Model: FB2039
Material: 500D PVC mesh
Size: 25L: 40x14.5x60 cm
Capacity: 25L
Weight: 1100G
Features: high frequency voltage technology, 500D PVC waterproof material, large capacity
Color: black,gray, yellow, red

AFISHTOUR FB2039 Waterproof Bicycle pack