Product introduction:


FB2037 bicycle front bag adopts PVC carbon texture material + EVA elastic material and rubber waterproof zipper to effectively improve the waterproof performance. Its hard and elastic package provides good protection for the contents in the package. The interior of the bag body uses flannel fabric to effectively prevent damage to the surface of the item. Three velcro straps make the package suitable for automatic scooters and bicycle frames.



Product features:

  • PVC carbon texture material EVA elasticity

  • Laminated waterproof zipper

  • 145G weight


Model: FB2037
Material: PVC carbon texture material + EVA elasticity
Size: 240 x 110 x 90mm
Capacity: -
Weight: 145G
Features: high frequency voltage technology, 500D PVC waterproof material, large capacity
Color: Black

AFISHTOUR FB2037 Waterproof Bicycle front bag