Product introduction:


The fb2034 bicycle upper tube pack providestwo capacities, which can be selected by customers according to their ownneeds. It is easy to load personal belongings, and easy to install the uppertube pack. Only three magic stickers can be fixed on the car body, which issuitable for most bicycle bodies on the market, the riding will not be affected after theinstallation of the upper tube bag, and it is still easy and comfortable.


PE hard plate is built in the cladding tokeep the shape of the cladding strong.


The cladding adopts 600D tup waterproofmaterial for high-frequency electric technology, so that the whole claddingdoes not have a crack, and the glue pressing zipper can maximize the waterproofability and better adapt to various weather conditions.


Large capacity can carry personalbelongings, such as keys, mobile phones, wallets, etc.



Product features:

  • High frequency voltage technology

  • 600D tup waterproof material

  • Glue pressing waterproof zipper


Product selling points:

  • High frequency voltage technology

  • 600D tup waterproof material

  • Tear resistance

  • Multicolor optional


Model: FB2034
Material: 600D TPU waterproof material
Size: small: 21.5x8.5x5 cm; large: 23.5x10.5x6.5 cm
Capacity: 2L
Weight: small: 100g large: 120g
Features: high frequency voltage technology, 600D TPU waterproof material, rubber pressing waterproof zipper
Color: black, gray

AFISHTOUR FB2034 Waterproof Bicycle Tube Bag