Product introduction:


The bicycle tail bag can be easily tied tothe bicycle, and the contact surface between the bag body and the car body ismade of anti-wear material to improve the durability of the bag body. Theproduct can be used for any model without back shelf, perfectly solving theproblem of low loading capacity of bicycle without affecting the cycling ofbicycle. The product adopts 500D PVC waterproof mesh with high frequencyvoltage technology, so that there is no gap in the package, and the waterproofability is improved to the greatest extent, so that the product can cope withany scene, such as daily life, rainforest, desert and other scenes. 13Lcapacity can meet the needs of personal travel, and all kinds of personalbelongings can be put in the goods. Elastic binding belt is arranged on thefront of the bag body, which can bind waterproof or dirty articles to theoutside of the bag body. Better expansion of package capacity.



Product features:

  • High frequency voltage technology

  • 500D PVC water like mesh

  • 13L large capacity


Product selling points:

  • 13L capacity

  • 500D PVC waterproof material

  • Tear resistance

  • High frequency voltage technology


Model: FB2040
Material: 500D PVC water like mesh
Size: 45x42x14cm
Capacity: 13L
Weight: 750G
Features: high frequency , 500D PVC water like mesh
Color: black

AFISHTOUR FB2024 Waterproof Bicycle Saddle Bag