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Wan Chai Heritage Trail

The Wan Chai Heritage Trail (Chinese: 灣仔歷史文物徑) is a walking trail in Hong Kong. It was launched on 27 September 2009 and is two hours in duration. It was formed by the Old Wan Chai Revitalisation Initiatives Special Committee (OWCRISC) established by the Development Bureau to promote the local culture, history and architectural style of Wan Chai District.[1]

At present the trail features 15 sites, including the Blue House, Wan Chai Market, Nam Koo Terrace and the Starstreet Precinct.[2] In 2009, at the trail's launch, nine of these properties were undergoing restoration through projects organised by the Urban Renewal Authority and the Development Bureau. It was expected that the buildings would once again be fully operational in 2013–16; meanwhile visitors could observe many of the external architectural features of the sites on this trail.

The Trail is divided into two parts: Architectural Heritage Trail and Cultural Heritage Trail.

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