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Waglan Island - Hong Kong Adventures - Easternmost Hong Kong【橫瀾島】

Waglan Island (Chinese: 橫瀾島) is a member of the Po Toi group of islands in Hong Kong. It hosts a ground of meteorological observation and recording.

The Waglan Lighthouse on Waglan Island has been listed as a declared monument of Hong Kong. It commenced operation in 1893; it is one of the five surviving pre-war lighthouses in Hong Kong.

Waglan Island or Waglan Island is the easternmost island of the Po Toi Islands in Hong Kong's outlying islands, located at the southeastern tip of Hong Kong. There is a Yokohama lighthouse on the island, which is across the sea from the island of Zhuhai, which is under the jurisdiction of the Chinese government. In addition, the Hong Kong Observatory has set up a weather monitoring station on the island. Due to the proximity of the western Pacific Ocean and the northern part of the South China Sea, the winds are stronger than the urban areas, and the winds and waves are also large.

No public ferry service is available and must be chartered on their own.

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