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Tibet Adventure- Day 6-8

Luckily I found ride sharing partners from youth hostel. Let head to Everest Base Camp.

Yamdrok Lake (also known as Yamdrok Yumtso or Yamzho Yumco is a freshwater lake in Tibet, it is one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet. It is over 72 km (45 mi) long. The lake is surrounded by many snow-capped mountains and is fed by numerous small streams. The lake has an outlet stream at its far western end.

Our 4X4 motor car. It is essential to travel in a tough road and unpredictable area. Behind the car, you can see Khari La Glacie.

Thank you my driver. After a 48 hours speedy and safety ride, we arrive on a mountain and see the sunrise with mountains in Tibet. During that time, I felt headache and sleepy. Hopefully, my travel partners help me to take many photos.

We finally arrived Everest Base Camp one. You will see the highest mountain in the earth Mt. Everest is in front of you.

The entrance gate to Everest Mountain Base Camp.

What a magic of nature! ice and ice mountains can be found at base camp. And the above you can see a desert in Tibet.

The temperature difference between day time and night time would be very large here.

A group pictures with my travel partners. They come from different cities in China. In Chinese, We called it is a "destiny" to meet up together.

Passed through the hardest time of the trip, we drove back to Lhasa City with unforgettable experience.

Night view of Potala Palace.

No artificial favoring yak meat noodle. I really love it. This picture remind me something can be shared to you. :)

Hints to prevent high attitude sickness:

-we should drink more water, eat fruits, vegetables rather than eat meat. Because researchers found that meat digestion will consume more oxygen than vegetables digestion.

-Besides, water (Blood) is the medium to transfer oxygen to your whole body.

-Always take deep breath, and walk slowly.

-Have a good rest is essential too.

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