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The World's Tallest Tent: A Masterpiece of Architectural Design

The World's Tallest Tent
The World's Tallest Tent

In the Kazakh capital of Astana stands the world's tallest 'tent' - the Khan Shatyr. This stunning structure is actually a large-scale leisure and entertainment centre, soaring 150 metres into the sky.

Design Concept

Designed by award-winning Foster Architects, Khan Shatyr is inspired by the traditional yurt. The sloping pinpoint structure evokes the image of a nomadic dwelling, while creating a modern leisure space.


The base of the 'tent' is made of 20 metre thick concrete and covers an area of 140,000 square metres. In the centre stands a 150-metre high, 2,000-tonne tripod, supported by a huge steel mesh and three layers of transparent plastic. This structure allows light to penetrate and maintains internal heat.

Interior Facilities

Inside Khan Shatyr is a vibrant leisure centre offering a variety of facilities including:





Games area

Indoor Beach

Construction Challenge

The construction of Khan al-Shatir was an arduous endeavour that took three and a half years. 650 professional rock climbers participated in the construction, which had to be carefully timed to avoid working during the cold Kazakh winter.

Climate adaptation

Astana's extreme climatic conditions posed a challenge for the construction of Khan Shatyr. The building was designed to withstand the cold and heat, providing a comfortable 'umbrella' for local residents.

Cultural significance

Khan Shatyr is more than just a building, it is an Astana landmark and a symbol of Kazakh cultural pride. It represents the country's desire to embrace modernity and innovation while respecting its nomadic traditions.

The Khan Shatyr is a masterpiece of architectural design and engineering that demonstrates the power of human creativity and adaptability. It adds a unique attraction to Astana and has become a must-see destination for tourists from all over the world. It demonstrates the city's modernity and respect for traditional values. This extraordinary building is the pride of Kazakhstan and a must-see for tourists.


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