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South Ninepin Island (Nanguozhou) - Hong Kong Adventures | Spectacular Sea Caves【南果洲】

South Ninepin (Nanguozhou includes Tai Chau, Tai Chau Mei, Ta Long Pai and Lai Chi Pai.

Nanguozhou is as desolate as the North Fruit Island, and is most famous for its sea caves. There are huge cliffs in the south of the island, and the weathering is more serious. There are three giant sea caves under the cliff. From south to north, there are Tianti Cave, Backflow Cave and Sancha Cave. Only the latter two can travel on the barge. In the center of the island, there is the landmark of Nanguozhou, which is the largest sea arch on the island. It is more than ten meters away from the sea. Due to being in the most vulnerable location on the island, the wind eroded and penetrated a portion of the rock, but the erosive force did not catch the high point of the arch, so the top still exists. After ten thousand years, the vault collapses and the South Fruit Island becomes two islands.

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