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Sharp Island Geo Trail - Sai Kung

Sharp island Geo Trail

It is about 500m long. One can find various igneous rocks, such as volcanic breccia, rhyolite and quartz monzonite along the trail. Sharp island is an ideal place for appreciating and studying igneous rocks.

How to get there

Take the Kaito from Sai Kung Pier to Sharp island. (around 15 minutes boat ride)


The Tombolo attaching Sharp Island to Kiu Tau Comprises mainly gravel. At low tide, visitors can walk to Kiu Tau along the tumble. Exfoliation - pineapple bun of the wild. Weathering causes minerals in the outer layers of the rocks to expand or contract, result in the outer layer of the rocks peeling off like the layers of the onion. The quartz monzonite resembles the surface of a pineapple bun due to exfoliation.


Various typical igneous rocks


Depositional landforms (beach and tombolo)

Erosional landforms

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