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Sabah Mt. Kinabalu Climb Day 1

For safety concern, the daily quotas of climbing Mt. Kinabalu is limited. I had to order a booking from travel agency 3 months before heading to Mt. Kinabalu. Visitors had to pay first if they want to climb the mountain.

My first day to Sabah, unfortunately, the plane from Hong Kong to Sabah was delayed which finally I arrived hotel at 2:00am.

On the next day, I woke up at 6:00am and felt very tired. After around 2 hours ride, I arrived the Mount Kinabalu Climb Information & Booking Centre. There were many climbers checking in climbing pass and ready for the challenge of Mt. Kinabalu.

Details about Timpohon Trail. Thank you Amazing Bornwo Tours for the map.

My mountain guide. He is a nice Malaysian and called Adika.

The lunch box for every climber. Included sandwiches, apple and boiled egg. (not included the drink)

The beginning of trail is easy, you can have stairs to walk uphill.

Wild Nepenthes

There are shelters for climbers taking rest and enjoying the nature of Mt. Kinabalu. Especially, the squirrels will approach you and ask visitors for food.

The trail become harder and steeper when you go up higher attitude.

OMG! I wanna quit. It 's a long way to go. :)

Anyone can tell me what is this?

The Porters - they will carry resources such as food, drinks and bedding to the huts. I asked my mountain guide, they will go 2 times from the starting point to the huts.

High attitude sickness of packaged food. :)

Not too bad, I arrived Pendant Hut at 2:30pm and also not the last one arrive. Maybe I spent too much time on snapping photos and resting in shelter. :)

Pendant Hut, located 3,289m above sea level (a.s.l.) . The temperature is lower about 20 degree Celsius from sea level. I felt cool after cooling down.

In Pendant Hut, I had to join a lesson about Via Ferrata. Otherwise, if climber missed the lesson, she could not participate in Via Ferrata on the next day.

The buddies in the Hut. They come from London, Polish, United State and Australia.

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