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Tibet Adventure- Day 9

A cheap price Shanghai Style breakfast.

Today I went into Potala Palace.

The local tour guide said the entry fee of peak season (Jun to Aug) is RMB$400 per person, but the fee is RMB$100 only in low season (Nov to Mar). Also, Potala Palace will be closed in the future that not allow visitors entering in. He highly recommend us to enter Potala Palace if we have chance.

The Buddhists sculptures, exterior, interior design of Palace is amazing. It is worth and a must to this great World Heritage Site.

The canned alcoholic drink in Tibet. It taste sweet.

Sour milk with apple favored.

As always, my survival meals in a limited resources city. Thanks god!

The street view of Lhasa City.

The livelihood of locals.

Just like others countryside people, the Tibetan are very nice and polite.

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