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Mt. Fuji climb Day 2 (Japan Tokyo)

At 2:00 am, we started climbing to the summit. The sunrise began from 4:00am. It took 2 hours to climb from 3450m to summit as we had to climb up at night.

The temperature was super cold (I thought it was under zero degree Celsius) with very strong wind. Everyone was shaking their hands or bodies in order to keep warm.

The beginning of the twilight before sunrise

Finally, the sun rose. Thank you god for giving us a beautiful new day.

The mouth of the Mt. Fuji volcano.

Notice that It is an active volcano. We risked out life to take this picture. :)

Besides, the very strong wind blew near the mouth as the high temperature air coming from the mouth and the low temperature going to the mouth.

Our targeted destination, the highest point of Mt. Fuji. (劍峰 3776m)

Yea!!!!!!! We did it. We stood on summit of Mt. Fuji.

Checked in

On the way back to 8.5 station mountain hut. With the sunshine, we could see the beautiful landscapes on the peak area and found a Toriia (traditional Japanese gate).

There were coins stuck in the gate. Climbers looked for god blessing.

The downhill trail to 5th station of Yoshida Trail is boring and foggy. A number of Z shape trails with small rocks without scenery.

And finally it took 3.5 hours to arrived 5th station from summit.

A perfect ending picture of my Mt. Fuji climb. Thank you all.

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