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Mount Butler

Mount Butler (Chinese: 畢拿山) is a 436 m high hill on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.

"Mount Butler H.F. Radio Receiving Station" is situated on Mount Butler. Masts of the stations can be seen from a distance.

Hong Kong Trail Stage 5 passes near the summit of Mount Butler. The best place to start the hike to the summit is from the Parkview Apartment complex. The trail ascends steeply to Jardine's Lookout, continues to climb, then drops down a set of stairs for 10-15 minutes, then ascends steeply alongside a stone quarry. From the summit the view stretches to Lamma Island, Red Hill and Dragon Back Trail. The descent from the summit is to Upper Tai Tam Reservoir. From here the hiker has several options, including continuing on to Stage 6 of the Hong Kong trail, hiking or running to either Violet Hill or the Twins, or hiking out to Repulse Bay. The route has frequent maps, one public bathroom and no water stops so carry sufficient liquids with you.

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