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Monster Building secrets Walkthrough

The Monster Building is a system of five interconnected buildings in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. It is a popular location for photography, and had been used as inspiration for several filming locations.

The housing estate was originally built in the 1960s and named Baakgaa Sancyun and later sold. In 1972, the housing block was split to five blocks: the Fook Cheong Building, the Montane Mansion, the Oceanic Mansion, the Yick Cheong Building, and the Yick Fat Building. The five blocks consist of 2243 apartments and can house 10,000 people. There are shops on the street front. The highest building is the Oceanic Mansion, with 18 floors. Because it is such a dense living space, it is difficult to have it demolished and rebuilt.

The location is popular with tourists, so much so that locals have placed warning signs that forbid taking photos. The structure inspired locations in films like Transformers: Age of Extinction and Ghost in the Shell and music videos like Labyrinth by Mondo Grosso and Hikari Mitsushima and Cave Me In by Gallant and Eric Nam.

How do you get to the monster building in Hong Kong?

To visit the Monster Building, take exit A at Quarry Bay MTR Station and walk along King's Road toward Tai Koo. After passing the junction to Mount Parker, you get to the entrance to Montane Mansion and Oceanic Mansion. It only takes two-three minutes to get there.

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