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Man Mo Temple

One of the Hong Kong oldest Temples and declared monument, atmospheric Man Mo Temple is dedicated to the gods of literature (Man) and of war (Mo). Built in 1847 during the Qing dynasty by wealthy Chinese merchants.


You will see a canister filled with fortune sticks in the temple. You can shake the canister, tilting it slightly, until a stick fall out. Esah stick has a number corresponding to lines of text, which the fortune teller can interpret for you.

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Lit Shing Kung

Off to the side of the main hall is “saints’ palace’, built around the same time as the temple. It ’s a place of worship for other buddhist and Taoist deities, including the goddess of mercy and Tai Sui, the 60 heavenly generals who each represent a particular year in the 60 year cycle of the Chinese almanac.

Kung Sor

This hall, with its name literally meaning public meeting hall, used to serve as a court of justice to settle disputes in the Chinese community before the modern judicial system was introduced.

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