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Lung Fu Shan Country Park

Lung Fu Shan Country Park (Chinese: 龍虎山郊野公園, established December 18, 1998) is a country park located in the Central and Western District of Hong Kong. It covers the densely vegetated slopes of Lung Fu Shan, including the disused Pinewood Battery as well as the Pinewood Garden picnic area, providing a scenic backdrop to the residential and commercial districts of Hong Kong Island. In proximity to residential areas in the Mid-levels and the Western District, Lung Fu Shan area is intensively used by the public, especially by morning walkers and picnickers. It is situated at the north of Pok Fu Lam Country Park. Towards the east of Lung Fu Shan Country Park is Hatton Road, to the south is Harlech Road whereas to the north and west is a covered conduit constructed by the Water Supplies Department. This country park covers an area of about 47 hectares, making it the smallest country park in Hong Kong (not including special areas). It is also the newest country park, according to the establishment date.

Lung Fu Shan Fitness Trail is a 2750m long trail on the Peak. Signs provide information about safe hiking on the trail. The trail starts at Pinewood Garden, routing through the Pinewood Battery, a few barbecue sites, a number of shelters, a flight of steps and a section of steep road before arriving at the junction of Harlech Road and Hatton Road. It takes about 60 minutes to complete the trail.

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