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Tibet Adventure- Day 10 -12

In day 10 to 12, I travelled to Nyingchi also known as Linzhi is a prefecture-level city in southeast of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Clear tiffany blue river without any pollutions.

A tower of strength - zhōng liú dǐ zhù.

Basum Lake was listed by the World Tourism Organization as a top tourist attraction. The lake also contains an inlet with a Gelug monastery.

The local village under Namcha Barwa Peak. For me, it is heaven and my dream living place.

Namcha Barwa Peak and me. The tour guide said we are lucky to see the clear peak because it always be hidden by the clouds.

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

Prunus persica (Peach flower) - There will be a peach flower festival in April. Don't miss it.

Next to my staying hotel, there is a school. The youngsters are doing excercises on above 3000m height with windy and dry climate. They are really tough.

Local tasty food - Chicken Stone Hot Pot with herbal soup. ​


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