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Lai Chi Wo - Fung Shui Village in Hong Kong

Lai Chi Wo

How to get there

take no. 275R bus, walk around 30 minutes to Wu Kau Tang and then hike around 2 hours Lai Chi Wo.


Hakka walled village

Fung Shui woods

Mudflat and mangroves

Lai Chi Wo nature Trail

The 1.2km long Lai Chi Wo nature Trail links the Lai Chi Wo coast, Lai Chi Wo village and fund shui woods. Some sections of the trail are interpretation panels introducing the ecology and history of Lai Chi Wo. Lai Chi Wo village With a history of over 300 years, is one of the oldest and largest villages in the New Territories. Its prime was in the 1950s, when it had 450 residents. Most of the villagers lived on farming, while some made a living by fishing and selling bamboo products. In the 1960s, many villagers began moving to the urban area or emigrating overseas, which resulted in a sharp drop in population.

Lai Chi Wo village

It is a typical Hakka village. The houses are constructed mainly of blue bricks and mud bricks. Some of the old farm tools seldom seen today remain scattered around around the village, including stone grinders, cereal mills and grinding rods.

Fung Shui Wall and Fung Shui woods

They are Positioned west and facing east, Lai Chi Wo Village has dense fun shui woods at the back and a fun shui wall in the front. According to a legend that it based on the advice of a fun shui expert more than 100 years ago, the fund shui wall was built to retain wealth and keep out evil spirits. Soon after the wall was built, Lai Chi Wo’s luck dramatically improved. Consequently, the local villagers become faithful believers in fun shui and worked to protect the fund shui woods and banning the destruction of the forest.

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