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Sabah Mt. Kinabalu Climb Day 2

In day 2 midnight around 2am, I woke up early for the sunrise of Mt. Kinabalu. And you see, it is a mixed room for climbers.

After 3 hours climb, we arrived the peak. The guide said we are lucky that the sunrise is not covered by the clouds. Besides, the weather is good which is not very windy and cold. Moreover, if it is raining or lightning , the peak tour in day 2 will be canceled.

Finally , I arrived the Low 's Peak summit successfully.

Beautiful landscape with sea of clouds. We are waiting for the sunrise.

Golden Donkey ear

Walking downhill is more difficult than uphill. You can grip the rope tightly and move slowly if you find the trial is too steep.

After conquering the peak, there is a next challenge waiting for me - Via Ferrata. I chose the easier one " Walk the Torq" Trail. The activity is safety and an essential activity on Mt. Kinabalu. You should try if you have chance to climb Mt. Kinabalu.

A welcome hug from Mt. Kinabalu.

In memory of my hiking buddies, they have walked downhill from 4000 meters to sea level. Thank you for the effort. Thumb up!

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