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Mt. Karakunidake Adventure (Japan-Kirishima)

We travel the public transport from Hotel in the morning. And take around 15 minutes arrived the starting point.

Guys. It is my first time to hike in Japan. Let go!

Multiple languages sign- I wonder if it is a famous scenic spot.

The fresh air make me feel refreshed. I do not feel sleepy even I wake up very early.

It must be very cold last night. The plants are iced.

The Trail is slippy with ice. Besides the ice is melting as the sun is rising up which make the trail become muddy.

We have to step high with stairs.

Around one hour hike from starting point, we arrived Volcanic crater lake - OnaMi Ike.

Look back the way we have hiked from OnaMi Ike to the peak.

Al It is very strong wind and cold near the peak.

The view of Kirishima.

Top view of a dead volcano.

Top view of OnaMi Ike.

On the peak, the temperature is only -3 degree Celsius.

A group photo with hiking buddies. We arrived one of the 100 famous mountains peak in Japan. Thumb up!


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