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Ideal Time to Visit Hong Kong

Best Things to Do in Hong Kong Over the Seasons

With a forgiving climate and beautiful, underrated natural surroundings, Hong Kong has a lot to offer throughout the seasons. If you are deciding when to visit Hong Kong, keep in mind that the different seasons bring different types of excursions and activities to do. Hong Kong offers something for everyone to enjoy at any time of the year, so get inspired by the activities below and decide on your personal best time to go to Hong Kong.

Spring: Flower Exhibition in Victoria Park

Held over ten days in Mid-March, this exhibition is a much-loved yearly tradition featuring elaborate displays of flowers and greenery. It is also hosts a contest each year, as #florists and Chinese traditionalists vie for the award of Best Flower Arrangement in a range of categories. Throughout the event, hundreds of thousands of local citizens and horticulture lovers from all over the world flock to the park to appreciate the festive atmosphere and the stunning floral arrangements. Spring in Hong Kong offers the perfect weather to stroll around the park, with temperatures averaging between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. If you appreciate mild temperatures and floral exhibitions, spring is the best time to travel to Hong Kong for you. Conveniently located near the V accommodations in the Causeway Bay area, Victoria Park is approximately a 3-minute walk from V Causeway Bay and an 8-minute walk from V Causeway Square.

Summer: Beaches

Beach lovers will unanimously agree that summer is the best season to visit Hong Kong. The city may be famous for its epic skyline and the hustle and bustle of its streets, but it is also home to an amazing seaside with over 40 beaches scattered throughout the coastline. From swimming to surfing to soaking up the sun, there is a beach for everybody and for every occasion. Below are our picks for the best beaches in Hong Kong:

• Shek O Beach

Adjacent to the famous Dragon’s Back hiking trail, Shek O Beach is a popular beach to cool off after a hike, or to enjoy a seaside barbecue at one of the many lookouts dotted across the area. This beach is easy accessibile from the city, just hop on the minibus from the terminus in Shau Kei Wan on the east side of the MTR’s Island Line.

Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay is Hong Kong's only officially recognized surf beach. Here you can rent a surfboard, or lay back on the shore as you watch the experienced surfers take on the waves. The beach also boasts a rock carving dating from the Han dynasty, which has been declared a monument.

• Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay offers what are probably the best sands in the city. Golden and soft, our team consensus is that weekdays offer the hidden delight of long quiet snoozes under the trees. The relaxed resort-like feel also allows for uninterrupted swimming and quiet reflection.

Fall: Hike for Views

Sprawling city views and rooftop bars have their charm, but fall offers the perfect weather for #hikes. Our favorite is the Tai Tam Reservoir Hiking trail, which is not only one of the easiest hiking trails in town, but also happens to provide a rich experience of the Hong Kong local nature and culture. A whopping twenty-one declared monuments adorn the 5 km trail, recalling a time in the Colonial period in which the reservoir was the major source of water for Hong Kong. To get there from V Causeway Bay, ask our customer service team on how to take Bus No. 76, as it takes you to Hong Kong Parkview station, where you can start hiking from Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park.

Winter: Festive Celebrations

Consistent with the East Meets West atmosphere that has come to characterize Hong Kong, the city has a festive atmosphere from Christmas all the way through to Lunar New Year in February. Winter is undoubtly the best time to go to Hong Kong for lovers of festive lights, malls adorned with abundant decorations, cosy hotpot dinners and holiday shopping sprees.

• Christmas

Both Ocean Park and Disneyland hold competing Christmas fairs during the New Year. Locals tend to prefer Ocean Park, as the park is known for its exciting rides and is closer to the city center. Ocean Park has pioneered Hong Kong’s first-ever virtual reality rollercoaster, along with seasonal festivities such as Santa’s village and a 40-foot tall Christmas tree.

• New Year's Eve

Renowned as one of the best fireworks show in the world, New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong often comes with a strategy session on where best to watch the fireworks. Popular destinations include Times Square in Causeway Bay, Victoria Peak, or if you are one of our residents in the higher floors of our Castle One property in Mid-Levels, you could stay in to enjoy spectacular views without having to brave the crowds!

• Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, the city’s biggest and most colorful festival, is based on the lunisolar calendar, meaning it often falls early February. One of the highlights is the parade near Victoria Harbour in which you’ll see dozens of floats proceed down the streets, accompanied by marching bands, skaters, dancers, jugglers and more. The entire city celebrates this important Chinese festival, and it’s capped off with another stunning firework show over the water.

While the best time to travel to Hong Kong is subjective and a matter of personal preference, we agree it is never a bad time to visit this lively city, which boasts a range of exciting seasonal activities at any time of the year. No matter what time of year you are visiting, there is one thing you cannot miss out on: indulging in exciting local cuisine. Find out where to eat the best local food here.

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