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Tibet Adventure - Day 1 to Day 3

Woke up early and arrived Guangzhou Train Station from Hong Kong.

Luckily I did not come late. Welcome aboard~

I chose the First Class cabin and lower deck bedding (4 decks). The environment is tidy and clean, without bad odor.

Middle Class cabin (6 decks)

The train journey takes around 54 hours from Guangzhou to Lhasa. It sounds quite a long duration. But I spent most of the time to eat, drink, sleep, take photos or chat with others passengers in the journey. It is not a hard time for me and time pass very fast.

The exterior design of Qinghai-Tibet Train.

You will see Tibetan ,Chinese and English in Qinghai-Tibet Train.

Heading to Heaven, What a beautiful view! The lake is iced.

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally I arrived Lhasa train station. The weather is dry, sunny and windy. Also, Lhaza is named as strong UV radiation city (the city which is very near the sun). Please do remember to bring your sun protection equipment when you go there.

I booked the international youth hostel with a premium room which can see the famous Potala Palace. Good night.

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