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Mt. Fuji Climb Day 1(Japan Tokyo)

On 5 July 2017, Me and my climbing partner took the highway bus from Tokyo Shinjuku bus station, headed to Mt. Fuji 5th station. The bus trip took around 2 hours. Below are the details of my wonderful trip. Please do enjoy! Thank you for the memorable journey.

Mt. Fuji 5th station, a famous tourist spot of Mt. Fuji. It is around 2200m height there. You will have restaurants, survivors shops and cafes there. It is a good resting or preparation place before climbing.

Luckily the Mt. Fuji was not covered by clouds. We could see her whole beautiful face clearly. There was snow on the mountain.

We took the easiest and most famous trail - Yoshida Trail to Summit. (Yellow line). We started from 5th station to 8.5 station in day 1.

Group picture was taken before heading to summit. The left buddy is my climbing partner from Taiwan, he called John. He was having a working holiday in Japan. Behind us, we could see a beautiful lake. But we didn't know the name of the lake. Can anyone tell me the name of it? :)

At the beginning, we hiked in a peaceful forest.

As a world famous tourist trail, it is safety which made of stairs with small rocks. We could hike up easily to 6th station.

To prevent you got high attitude sickness, the trail is designed in many double bend roads. Actually it is quite boring and long way to climb up.

When we arrived near 7th station, the difficulty increased as the trail become steeper and rougher. We had to start climbing with hands.

If you go to toilet on Mt. Fuji, 200 yen is requested to pay as environment friendly fee.

No worry about you don't have foods and drinks during climbing. You will have many choices in mountain huts. However, the price of them are expensive which is a fair deal.

The trail was rough and steep begin from 7th station. The hiking poles were no use.

Unlike others, my "hiking pole" is an umbrella. ==

On 8th station, we climbed above the cloud level. Air become thinner and temperature was lower. Upward steps was not easy and we climbed slowly.

A gorgeous view from 8th station, we flew in the sky.

A hut in the sky - We finally arrived the reserved mountain hut which located on 8.5 station. It took us around 6 hours to there.

It was located on 3450 meters height. Only around 300 meters altitude difference from summit. The nearer the summit in day 1, the highest chance you can reach the summit.

Over hundred of climbers stayed in a small mountain hut. I had to bend my legs during sleeping and there were 2 guys slept next to me closely. There was no space for me to turn my body. What an unforgettable experience!

Good Night. We will climb to summit in the next day 2:00am.

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