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Packing A First Aid Kit For Your Travels

When you’re trying to keep your packing light and compact for your walking trip a first aid kit is often over looking, but this is a major oversight, a first aid kit is one of the most important things you could take with you on any hiking trip.

When you are out and about in nature accidents do of course happen, people fall, get stung, cut themselves and so on and when you are in the middle of the countryside or half way up a mountain there are no amenities close at hand, this is where your first aid kit comes in very handy.

You will want to change your first aid kit up for each different trip since different parts of the world have different dangers; for example if you’re hiking in Australia then something like a broad pressure bandage for snakes bites would be on the list, which clearly you wouldn’t need for other countries, so be logical and think ahead about the dangers of your destination.

Of course you don’t want to pack a full paramedics sized first aid kit, so what are the essentials to include in yours to keep it as light and small as possible without leaving out essential items?

Here’s our guide to the essential items that’ll you’ll need for each and every hiking trip:

MEDICAL TAPE – lightweight, breathable surgical tape will come in handy for any blisters and cuts encountered along the way.

MEDICAL GLOVES – these are advisable to stop infections and cross contaminations

ANTISEPTIC / ALCOHOL WIPES – great for cleaning wounds

BUTTERFLY CLOSURE STRIPS – if you get a deep cut these are really useful to help close the wound

DRESSING / GAUZE – sterile, non-stick dressing or gauze for larger wounds

PLASTERS – for smaller cuts

HAND SANITISER – make sure your hands have been sanitised well before touching any wounds

PAIN KILLERS – If you have an accident and are in pain you don’t want to have to wait to get some pain relief and paracetamol or ibuprofen will take the edge off.

ANTIHISTAMINE – For bites and allergic reactions

BURN GEL / CREAM – campfires can be dangerous

SMALL UTILITY TOOL – containing a knife, scissors, tweezers

SAFETY PINS – If you need to fashion a sling or bandage

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