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Fa Shan - Sai Kung

Fa Shan

Average 1.2m in diameter and reaching 100m in height, the hexagonal columns along Fa Shan are the highest in Hong Kong. The hexagonal rock columns in other regions of the world are usually dark grey basalt, wile the acidic rock columns in Hong Kong are light -coloured rhyolitic volcanic rock. Seen from a distance, these rare, light-coloured rock columns are like a natural hexagonal column mural.

High island Reservoir

A reservoir with the largest water storage capacity To store more water, the government built the high island reservoir in the 1970s, with its Dam used to intercept seawater. High island Reservoir is the largest reservoir in Hong Kong with a capacity of 273 million cubic metres. This water project even elected as one of the “10 Engineering wonders in Hong Kong”.

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