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Six Family Adventures That Inspire Wanderlust

I don’t have kids yet, but if I did, these are the types of family vacations I’d be planning! Forget the summer vacations stuck on a road trip or at an amusement park. Check out these unique family vacation ideas that will not only inspire wanderlust early, but earns your kid bragging rights when the teacher’s inevitably ask, “How did you spend your summer vacation?”

1. Desert Camping in Morocco

Kids love to camp. You love to explore. Why not combine the two and camp under the starry Saharan night sky? What family wouldn’t be able to bond over camel treks through the desert, dinner with the Berber tribe, and gazing at the milky way? As a bonus, you can start a family sand boarding race. The family that sand boards together, stays together.

2. Cross-Country Train Ride

Road trips are so unoriginal. Why not chart a new adventure as a family and take on a cross-country rail trip? Rumor has it that the most scenic route is the California Zephr Train, which connects Northern California and Chicago. In 50 hours, you’re crossing the Sierra Nevadas, Rocky Mountains, and some of the most majestic canyons in the US. With sight-seeing cars, dining cars, tour guides, and games there’s plenty to keep the whole fam entertained.

3. Nile Cruise from Cairo to Luxor

Cruises down the Nile are one of the most popular ways to see the sites in Egypt. Sign up for a traditional cruise or set sail on a felucca and learn all about the kings and pharaohs that once ruled Ancient Egypt. The kids get to explore the underground passageways, marvel at pyramids, and meet real mummies! What kid doesn’t have a fascination with mummies, right?

4. Icelandic Road Trip

Yes, road trips are unoriginal…unless you’re taking one through Iceland. The roads in Iceland are nicely paved and there are so few of them, you really can’t get lost circling the island. On an Icelandic vacation, you can introduce your family to geysers, volcanoes, glaciers, and all the while learn about geothermal energy and vikings. Other fun activities include snowmobiling, taking a dip in the blue lagoon, and hiking through lava tubes. As if you needed any other reason to go to Iceland already, the summer is also prime time for the midnight sun, which means you can stay out longer and really maximize your family time.

5. Peruvian Adventure

The land of in the Incas has something for everyone: shoppers can test their bargaining skills on the cobbled streets of Cuzco, adventurers can bike ride to the Maras salt flats, historians can get their fix of Machu Picchu. You can also head to Lake Titicaca to learn about the Uros tribe who live on man made islands out of straw – there’s a memory that will stick with the kids next time they complain about not getting the hottest toy out there.

6. Overnight in Cave Hotels in Cappadocia

Turkey’s another great place to soak up history. Plus, Turkey is home to Cappadocia, a region in the middle of the country, famous for its unique fairy chimneys and villages cut out from rocks. For the active kid, there’s plenty of opportunities to climb in, out, and around all the rocks and boulders plus opportunities to learn about the unique topology and geography. The coolest part, however, is spending the night in a cave hotel afterwards. How many kids can say they’ve done that?

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