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Tibet Adventure - Day 4

The high attitude sickness of packaged food.

The city views of Lhasa City.

I found a decent restaurant, ordered my first meal in Tibet. Let focus on the drink, it called sūyóu chá (酥 油 茶) , it taste salty and is made by yak milk. Besides, the high attitude sickness will be improved by drinking the su you cha.

Heading to Jokhang Temple.

Most Tibetans worship for Tibet Buddhism. They will kneel and fall down in adoration before Buddhist sculptures.

In traditional Chinese culture, taking photos of Buddhist sculptures is recognized as a rude and un-respect behavior. Therefore, you can not find the pictures of Buddhist sculptures. But if you have chance to enter Jokhang Temple, you will see over 10 thousands Buddhist sculptures inside.

Golden yak.

Potala Palace

The golden colored Prayer Wheels..... Everyone will roll the wheels in clockwise and walk in clockwise direction around the temple. I have been reminded by an old Tibetan woman that don't walk anti clockwise or the way back. @@!

Delicious sour milk yogurt

Potala Palace and me.

In afternoon, I wen to Norbulingka ,literally "The Jewelled Park" is a palace and surrounding park in Lhasa, Tibet, China, built from 1755.[1] It served as the traditional summer residence of the successive Dalai Lamas from the 1780s up until the 14th Dalai Lama's exile in 1959.

Unfortunately, the flowers do not blossom in winter.

Tibetan sweet milk tea. It taste like Hong Kong style milk tea.

The above posters are about people are finding partners having ride sharing to Everest Base Camp or different cities in Tibet. You can easily find them in youth hostel.

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