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Double Haven

Winding Shorelines

The Double Haven are once comprised mountains and valleys but at the end of the last glacial period, the sea level rose and the mountains and valleys became submerged, forming the bays and islands we today.

The flame of the coast

The rocks along the shores of Hung Shek Mun are red sedimentary rocks, including sandstone, siltstone and conglomerate. When the climate was hot and dry about 100 million years ago, during the Late Cretaceous Period, iron in the sediments oxidised, turning the rocks red.

The Six Treasures of double haven

1. Stone seal: Yan Chau

It is a supra tidal platform, which looks like a stone seal.

2. Paper: Seawater

The mirror-like water surface looks like a smooth piece of paper.

3. Brush Rack: Park Ka Chau

It is a supra tidal platform, which is like a brush rack under Wong Fong Shan.

4. Ink Slab: Rock outcrops

The rock outcrops located to the left of Oak Ka Chau, are shaped like an ink slab.

5. Pen: Pak Sha Tau Tsui

The Sharp sand spit on the southwest corner of Wong Fong Shan resembles an ink brush at low tide.

6. Parasol: Wong Fong Shan

The wide cone-shaped Wong Fong Shan looks like a parasol from a distance.

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