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Devil's Peak

Devil's Peak (Chinese: 魔鬼山) is the peak besides Lei Yue Mun on New Kowloon, Hong Kong. The area around the peak was garrisoned by the British Army or local pirates to control the passage of Lei Yue Mun, which is an important nautical passage in South China. The remains of a redoubt and batteries are still visible on the peak.

Devil's Peak stands at 222 metres in height. To the east of the peak lies Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery and Yau Tong lies to its west. The hill extends its ridge south to water in Lei Yue Mun and north to Chiu Keng Wan Shan.

Where is it?

Section 3 of The Wilson Trail begins near Devil's Peak. It is possible to access the fort on foot from the Wilson Trail.

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