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Cycling in Hong Kong - Shatin to Tai Mei Tuk

What is the best time to go Summer time would be hot and humid. Autumn and Winter time are recommended as the weather would be more comfortable for cycling. How to go Take the metro to Shatin station, rent a bike at Sha Tin Park, normally the rental cost of a bike is around $60 to $100 per day.

Why to go It is one of the famous cycling routes in Hong Kong. From Sha Tin Park, cycling on the comfortable track along Shing Mun River and continue along the coastline of Tolo Harbour, until you reach the magnificent dam at Tai Mei Tuk. Don't miss out beautiful scenery along the way! Tips

-The distance is approximately 22 km. Round trip would be 40 to 50 km. Please do preparation or estimate your stamina before go cycling on this route.

- Please don't ride too fast as there are many bikers on the route, especially during weekend.

- You should get off the bike if there is a steep slope no matter it is upward or downward.

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