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Basalt Island - Sai Kung Geopark

Basalt Island is part of Hong Kong Global Geopark. It is located at Sai Kung, island south of Fo Tau Fan Chau and Wang Chau, east of Bluff Island and north of the Ninepins. The highest point of it is only 174 meters.

How to get there

Private boat hire is required. As there are many outlying islands in Sai Kung, we recommend you to hire a boat at Sai Kung pier and sail around Jin Island (Tiu Chung Chau), Bluff Island, Basalt Island, Wang Chau and other islets. You can have a close look at the rugged primitive rock formations and spectacular rock cliffs that plunge deep into the sea. Please do check the weather forecast, direction of wind and wind speed before having a sea trip.

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