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Sunset Peak - Golden Silver Grass

Sunset Peak - Golden Silver Grass

What is the best time to go

From Oct to Nov, there will be a sea of golden silver grass on Sunset Peak.

How to go

Start from Tung Chung MTR Station, take the bus 3M, get off at PaK Kong Au Station. The easiest way is to hike the same way back to Pak Kung Au. Take the bus to Tung Chung Station.

Why to go

Sunset peak is the third highest peak in Hong Kong. It is a hot spot for locals during Autumn time as there is a sea of golden silver grass on the Hill.


The buses always full when hikers go back to Tung Chung from Pak Kong Au. If you have enough strength, we would recommend you to walk back to Tung Chung MTR Station.

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