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Tips for Hiking in Hong Kong

In Spring or Summer, Hong Kong weather is hot and humid. But in Autumn, it would be the best to hike in Hong Kong.

The following basic checklist should help you with your packing for any of our trips. Please remember that you should always try to keep the weight of your clothing equipment down to a minimum. Please remember this is just a checklist and you do not necessarily need to bring everything that is listed below. Use your own experience and judgment to make your decision.

- Socks - Sun hat or scarf - T-shirts - Thin, lightweight (inner socks) (4) - Sunglasses with UV protection - Water (around 1.5L to 2L) - Toiletries - Small wash towel - Footwear appropriate to the trip - Photo camera - Food - Money - Backpack (minimum 20L) - Personal medicine - Trekking shoes or sport shoes - Hiking pole (if necessary) - Light and expedition weight thermal tops (e.g. wind breaker) - Lightweight cotton long trousers/pants (winter or summer) - Light and expedition weight thermal bottoms (summer)

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