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Kat O Nature Trail

Kat O Nature Trail

Kat O lies in the west of Mirs Bay and east of Sha Tau Kok. It covers a total area of 2.36km square and its highest point is Kai Kung Leng, 122m above sea level. As its overall shape is like inverted letter “Z”, its original English name was Crooked Island. During stormy weather, fishing boats in Mirs Bay took shelter in Kat O Wan, hence, the name Kat O (Lucky Bay).

How to get there

Join local tour or hire a boat


Typical fishing Village


Tin Hau Temple

Hakka Pastries

Tree of Love

Kat O and its People

Kat O has nearly 300 years of history. It has 10 villages, with a total of 43 clans with 37 surnames. In the 1950s and 60s, Double Haven area was famous for conch breeding. The economic benefits from the industry attracted many fishermen to live a life in old Kat O. According to the 1956 census, it had a total population of over 4,000. Subsequently, many villagers moved overseas to seek their fortune, while others moved to the urban area for better jobs and education for their children.

Kat O Nature Trail

The 1km long Kat O Nature Trail has interpretation panels along the way, providing information about the island’s history and culture as a fishing community, as well as its natural landscape. The Trail is generally level, with a stone path leading to the peak, which has the best views. Visitors can experience the traditional culture in the fishing village and appreciate the natural scenery along the trail.

Tin Hau Festival

Tin Hau Festival holds on 23rd March every year on the lunar calendar. After worship activities at the Tin Hau Temple, there will be Tin Hau Parade afterward.

Spectacular landscapes

Sea caves develop when a line of weakness in the rock is eroded by waves over time. This cave has a colony of bats, so it is called “Fei Shue Ngam” (Bat cave) 'Monk viewing the sea 'and 'Kai Kung Leng'.

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