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45 Tips for Navigating Hong Kong: From Food to Transportation

45 Tips for Navigating Hong Kong: From Food to Transportation
45 Tips for Navigating Hong Kong: From Food to Transportation

  1. Hong Kong's large houses are very few, more is forty or fifty square metres of small apartments. 

  2. Hong Kong food and drink more focus on the retail shop, the street around the restaurant and convenience stores, but online is not as affordable, takeaway delivery speed is about the same, but the delivery fee to be much more expensive. 

  3. The MTR is sometimes discounted, close to a ride within 5 Hong Kong dollars, distance some of the more than 10 Hong Kong dollars, the students are half price. 

  4. Tram, locals also known as "Ding Ding", as long as the time allows, many people will choose to travel by tram, because of the economy. 

  5. Hong Kong's urban areas are really crowded, the roads are narrow, but not many traffic jams. 

  6. Most taxi drivers in Hong Kong are middle-aged and elderly. If you speak Cantonese, you will have no problem communicating with the driver, who will even be happy to act as your tour guide and tell you about some interesting places and delicious food.

  7. Hong Kong taxis are not just red, they come in three colours: red for city taxis, green for New Territories taxis and blue for Lantau Island taxis.

  8. You must wave when you get on a bus in Hong Kong and ring the bell when you get off. 

  9. The city around the coastal beaches seawater is very clear, the scenery of wilderness parks is amazing, the protection of Hong Kong's natural landscape is also good. 

  10. The proportion of imported food is very high. Although there is an abundance of food supplied to Hong Kong from the mainland every day, the proportion of foreign imports of both fresh and chilled goods is very high, and the more expensive the supermarket, the higher the proportion of imported goods inside.

  11. Hong Kong's peri-urban distances are very small or even close to zero. From the bustling Central area to the lush green Hiking Trail takes only ten minutes, and the forest and the city can be said to be very close.

  12. Most of the people of Hong Kong in addition to the lack of money to buy a house, in other aspects of consumption is not ambiguous, the out of money is more likely They are very generous. Therefore, Hong Kong has the world's largest number of shopping season, almost all year round in the promotional season. 

  13. Hong Kong's diet has obvious regional characteristics, to a variety of soups, congee, seafood, dim sum is the main, the average family will eat shrimp dumplings for breakfast, barbecued pork buns, rice noodles with congee with food. 

  14. Hong Kong's cafes are many, especially in the Mongkok high-traffic areas, basically a few steps is a cafe, tea restaurants can be said to represent the Hong Kong community, but also to represent the Hong Kong community. Tea restaurants can be said to represent the symbol of Hong Kong culture. 

  15. Hong Kong's pace of life is too fast, where it feels very crowded, walking fast eating fast feeling everywhere is a sense of oppression.

  16. In Hong Kong shopping malls temperature is very low in the summer to turn on the air conditioning, the air conditioning here to open the temperature is too low, it is reported year-round is 18-22 degrees, when the shopping malls, it is best to wear a jacket. 

  17. Hong Kong does not allow smoking in public places, every day will be sent to public places to patrol, if the violation of the provisions of the maximum fine of 1,500 Hong Kong dollars, but Hong Kong set up a lot of designated smoking areas. 

  18. Hong Kong's house of 30 square metres can be made into a two-bedroom and one hall, 50 square metres can be made into a three-bedroom and two hall, more than 80 square metres belongs to the mansion. 

  19. Victoria Peak is the highest point in Hong Kong Island, take the Peak Tram straight to the top of the hill, you can overlook the whole of Hong Kong, the prosperity of Hong Kong at a glance. 

  20. Mongkok is one of the most popular areas in Hong Kong, where you can not only feel the traditional culture and market style, but also taste a variety of snacks. 

  21. Hong Kong sells the instant noodles are no fork, once I bought a bucket of instant noodles to eat, and so open to find that there is no fork, and finally had to go to the convenience store to buy a pair of disposable chopsticks. Double disposable chopsticks, which is very inconvenient. 

  22. Hong Kong, a lot of cheap things are not in the street shops, but in the older commercial buildings, but also in the upper floors, these shops often only accept cash. 

  23. Transport card Octopus is very useful and very convenient. In addition to taking the bus and MTR, you can also chain restaurants to pay, and then go to the convenience store to buy things or recharge can be. 

  24. Hong Kong to go to the public hospital to see a doctor have to wait for a long time, fever and illness in the morning to go to the hospital to prepare for queuing after you can go home and sleep, the afternoon or even night to see a doctor. So when you travel to Hong Kong, you can bring some simple basic medicines with you.

  25. Hong Kong has a well-developed public transport system that rarely requires long waits. It is mainly served by the MTR, double-decker buses and minibuses. Sitting on the second level of a double-decker bus, you can enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong from different angles.

  26. Sitting on the second level of a double-decker bus near Central on Hong Kong Island, you can see the retro and modern streetscape of Hong Kong, and sitting on the second level near Shek O, you can enjoy the undulating and interlocking waves of the ocean and the mountains.

  27. Hong Kong people are very concerned about their image, and boys have to get up in the morning and wet their hair with water, blow-dry it, scrunch it into the shape they want with hair clay, and set it with a spray. A white shirt should be worn with a white short-sleeved or long-sleeved undershirt underneath, not a waistcoat. Suit and trousers must be a set, not a mix and match. 

  28. Hong Kong people generally do not talk in public places such as the MTR and keep their voices low. Escalators must be on the right, leaving the left to people in a hurry. MTR stations have walking direction signs, so it is best not to walk against the flow. 

  29. Many houses in Hong Kong do not have balconies, walking in the streets of Hong Kong, you will see drying clothes in the air, Hong Kong inch by inch, house prices are too expensive, the average house price of fourteen million square feet to calculate, then, three square metres of balcony will have to go to a few hundred thousand. 

  30. Hong Kong people like to AA, friends or colleagues go out to eat together, the AA system, everyone shares the cost, and even some couples are also AA, after all, living in Hong Kong, everyone's pressure is great. 

  31. The Hong Kong car drive on the left side of the canal, the taxi is on the right. When taking the lift, Hong Kong people stand on the right side, and they leave the left side empty, which is reserved for people who have urgent matters to go through.

  32. In Hong Kong, you can often see people in suits, especially in some high-rise buildings and shopping malls, and it is said that they are designed to British standards so that they can be well dressed indoors every day.

  33. Hong Kong's car plates can be made up as you like, but they have to follow certain rules, usually two English letters and four numbers.

  34. Most people in Hong Kong have English names and basically speak English, and they even use their English names as their official names on their ID cards.

  35. Probably because houses in Hong Kong are smaller, Hong Kong people rarely invite their friends to their homes for dinner or tea, and most young people choose to share a room with their friends outside their homes. 

  36. Eating in a restaurant has no privacy to speak of, the occupancy rate of seats in Hong Kong restaurants is very high, if you go out to eat with friends, two people may have to share a table with two other people sitting at a table for four, two people talking across the table can be heard completely.

  37. Hong Kong people eat very fast, most of the Hong Kong company rules at noon on weekdays only one hour break time. Hong Kong people are really under pressure, and even eat such a relaxing thing, they are in a race against the clock. 

  38. Hong Kong is a place where efficiency is important, this is also embodied in the speed of food order, if not within two minutes after pointing out what you want to eat, may be slow for a minute, the waiter has been twisting his head on the way out, and some even if it is not twisting his head on the way out, next to you is not very willing, and will keep urging you to do so. Too reluctant, but also urging you to hurry up and point. 

  39. Hong Kong do not have to worry about not carrying an umbrella on rainy days, from the neighbourhood to the MTR station on the road, the roadside are built with a transparent roof, and will almost rarely be caught in the rain, I think it's quite user-friendly. 

  40. The Hong Kong minibus was very fast. Every time I sat in fear, the driver was in a hurry, as in a very narrow road, the speed is very fast, so if you sit in this minibus, remember to fasten your seat belt.

  41. Hong Kong taxi is expensive compare to China cities. 

  42. Hong Kong has fewer traffic lights and high traffic efficiency. Hong Kong has a lot of elevated, space-saving and improve the efficiency of the road with fewer traffic lights, many intersections choose a circular approach, drivers drive in an orderly manner, rarely changing lanes, but everyone's speed is relatively fast. 

  43. Hong Kong's overall roads give the impression of a slightly congested, two-lane and one-way road to the opposite direction of the majority of the road, but very few traffic jams, and the road speed is very fast, pedestrians and vehicles are very observant of the traffic rules, which I feel very safe. 

  44. Hong Kong people are generally of high quality, especially in some details. For example, they know how to get on the MTR first and get off later, and they reserve the love seats for the needy. Hong Kong people are famous for their love of queuing, and they have to queue at bus stops.

  45. Renting an apartment in Hong Kong is also very expensive. For a 50~60 square metre apartment, the monthly rent is generally between HK$10,000~15,000. For those with more than 100 square metres, the monthly rent can be more than HK$30,000.


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